About Us

The most important things in life aren’t things.
Aspire to reduce waste. We can’t stop consuming overnight, but we can buy less and better.


Eco + Vegan doesn't = Boring

EcoVegan came into being at the end of 2019 with the tiny seed of an idea; to challenge the stereotype that eco + vegan = boring, mainly by showcasing the amazing food producers, eco companies and artisan makers who are tackling the climate crisis by creating sustainable, cruelty-free products. We already run an ethical design company, offering design services to eco friendly creatives, start ups and non-profits, so providing an avenue to promote independent eco-conscious and vegan-friendly small batch makers and ethical companies seemed like a natural progression.

From that idea EcoVegan was born.

Our Ethos

Living more sustainably means choosing fewer but better things. It also means supporting local makers, producers, crafters and artists and small, independent companies with eco + vegan principles at their core.

Whether you are just starting out on your eco vegan journey or are a seasoned old hand, I hope you will find not just something new in your EcoVegan box, but also a sense of community and a feeling of being part of something bigger. We are part of a grassroots movement towards a slower, more sustainable way of living.

The world is waking up to the fact that our consumer – and eating – habits need to change, but with a million other things going on in our lives it is sometimes difficult to put this into practice.

EcoVegan scours Scotland and beyond for gorgeous handpicked eco + vegan friendly products – all from small batch artisan makers and independent ethical companies. Not only does that save you time, our collective buying power means you’ll always save money with an EcoVegan box when compared to buying the items individually.

Add to that the pleasure of receiving a package that has been curated with eco conscious and vegan friendly principles in mind and I really hope you’ll join us when we launch this Spring.

About me

I’m creative director and designer at ethical design co. Studio V Ink, a regular illustrator for natural parenting magazine JUNO, committed eco friendly veginner, mother of two and – very rare! – a dog + cat person. I live in the North East of Scotland and I like doodling, coasts and zombies. Oh and I swear (a lot!).

The first seasonal box is Home + Life

We’re excited to share our first collection. It includes eco kitchen essentials, gorgeous carved buddha bowl, contemporary textile design and artisan vegan nut butter.